Ripstop Blanket

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Details and Description: 
High quality multipurpose outdoor emergency waterproof, heat insulation, reflective ripstop blanket can be used for Outdoor Camping, Emergency Rescue, First Aid
1.  Sunscreen protection to avoid the burning wounds in heavy light weather.
2.  Unique Heat Insulation Thermal Design, so It keeps body warm in Cold weather.
3. Reflect the light to attract the attention of people who come for rescue.
4. High strength and Soft quality, can be used to make easy stretcher.
5. Waterproof Quality to Make a easy tent in outdoor conditions.
6. This is the Most Necessary Outdoor Survival Emergency First Aid Rescue Tool in Case of Earthquake, Accident. This is just a blanket, but it saves life.
Item: First aid Emergency Blanket
Color: Silver
Size: 210*130cm
Material: Super light & Thin PET with Aluminium Coating